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Still not sure which version is right for you? We can help you figure out which version of SketchUp you need. Just click here for help. We’ve all heard somebody say that SketchUp is ridiculously easy to learn.
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SketchUp Pro

Still not sure which version is right for you? We can help you figure out which version of SketchUp you need. Just click here for help. We’ve all heard somebody say that SketchUp is ridiculously easy to learn.

Unfortunately, this is an exaggeration. The truth is that if you plan to use SketchUp professionally, you should plan to invest some time and money into learning how to do things the right way. This chapter will help you invest wisely. Watch This First! We created a free SketchUp tutorial that we recommend you watch before you get started with SketchUp Pro.

The video tutorial covers 5 critical concepts that self taught users either don’t know or have had to learn the hard way. Watch it, and your future self will thank you. Now, let’s talk about how to master the fundamentals. Before we do that, we want to share a story that one of our former students, a Residential Architect named Tom, told us before he took a class with us: Everybody told me that SketchUp was easy to learn. So I downloaded it, and immediately tried to model my own house.

And I was doing pretty well at first. But the closer I got to completing the model of my house, the more often I got stuck and had to search the Internet for help. Eventually though, I got to a point where I decided my SketchUp model was done and felt good about what I had accomplished.

I was on a deadline, everything in the model needed to be right, and when design changes came up, I needed to be able to make them. And I couldn’t do it. It was a total disaster. I was in way over my head. Lots of people make the same mistake Tom made. But it’s completely avoidable. You just need to invest in some training. You need take a well-structured class with a curriculum designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to SketchUp.

Good news: It’s in our Video Course Library, along with other courses on more advanced professional topics. We’ve just broken them down into bite-sized video tutorials that provide a more convenient and economical way for professionals to take our classes. Now, if you’re the kind of person that needs to be sitting in a classroom with an instructor, tell us where you’re located and we’ll see if we can make a recommendation. If you can’t afford to invest in professional training We’d recommend starting with the free tutorials on SketchUp’s website.

You might also want to check out YouTube. Just be careful: When you’re new to SketchUp, it’s hard to tell the difference between a good tutorial and one that teaches you the wrong way to do something.

Full-featured desktop modeler, built to make anything your imagination

Do you like tinkering around with new software? Make your ideas come to life. Download a free trial of SketchUp, a premier 3D modeling software today!. 8/10 ( votes) – Download SketchUp Pro Free. SketchUp Pro is a professional 3D modeling application initially developed by Google and now belonging to. Google acquired @Last Software on March 14, for an undisclosed Google SketchUp Pro 6 introduced a beta version of Google.

SketchUp Pro 5 Specs

It has a feature set designed to meet their needs e. A major difference between Shop and Pro is that SketchUp Shop is a web application that you run in a browser while connected to the Internet whereas SketchUp Pro is a downloadable application that you can use offline. Compared to Make, SketchUp Free does not support extensions, creation and editing of materials. Make[ edit ] Sketchup Make formerly SketchUp for Home and Personal Use , introduced in May , is a free-of-charge version for home, personal and educational use.

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SketchUp Pro is Google’s contribution to the field of 3D models and structure design. A powerful software application that stands out thanks to its ease of use, making it an advisable alternative if you work in this field. Based on to the success of SketchUp a software application developed to allow anyone to create and place buildings on Google Earth , this version expands its features, offering design tools that are a lot more advanced without being overwhelming, something that does tend to happen with other CAD applications, rendering software and programs focused on engineers and builders.

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Alternatively, you can also use your Google account. SketchUp Pro and Sketchup Studio also come with a presentation tool called “LayOut. It covers the 10 SketchUp Pro features that design professionals depend on to can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers or Google . Download SketchUp Viewer and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. to open models from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and other file storage apps. for all SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio subscribers (also.

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